For the four generations they have farmed the land in Central West NSW, the Wright family have been innovators. Jamie and Alisha, who run 'Springfield' - a mixed farming operation on 5,000 acres near Greenethorpe - are certainly no exception.

Farmers today face an unprecedented challenge to maintain profitability in an increasingly complex environmental and economic climate, but Jamie is constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve.

"I am always building something or looking at ways we can do things better" says Jamie.

"I am always looking for efficiency, as efficiency drives profitability" says Jamie.

Springfield Chaff Carts, New South Wales

Springfield Chaff Carts, New South Wales

Springfield Chaff Carts, New South Wales

This desire to farm smarter has led Jamie to be one fo the first grain growers on Australia's east coast to design, manufacture and use chaff carts as a method of improved weed control.

Jamie's Springfield Chaff Cart was trialed for the first time in the 2014 harvest, building on a concept which has been successfully employed in Western Australia's grain belt for almost two decades.

While its success as a long-term strategy will take a few seasons to become fully apparent, Jamie was delighted with the cart's ease of use during harvest and believes it will be a an extremely viable chemical-free method in future.

"I think it will be an invaluable tool in the weed-control toolbox" he said.

"Put simply, it's an efficient chemical-free and minimum till method of reducing the bank of weed seeds" he said.

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